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Welcome Space!

Postby TheNewit » Thu Feb 28, 2013 3:09 pm

Hi Eveyone!

I thought I would make this topic so fellow first years such as myself can introduce myself. I hope this isn't in breach of any forrum rules.

Well I'm Newit (Michael New) and I'm a first year studding a double major in Computer Science and Games Technology. I've been spending some time in the MITS cave with other students but havnt really introduced myself =P. For those trying to find the MITS cave its ECL2 on the right, you should see a Student common area (hope this info is correct =D)

I'm studding units ICT102, ICT103, MAS167, and FDN107 this semester.

So far everyone has been welcoming at the MITS cave with a civil war breaking out with LoL vs DOTA2 fanboys vs haters xD.

I hope to meet everyone and have fun at the next LAN party!
Michael New
Murdoch IT Society

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