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MITS Minecraft//Tekkit Server

Postby Southen » Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:23 pm

Briefly, Tekkit is a combination of other Minecraft mods (including IndustrialCraft 2, RedPower 2, Buildcraft, Railcraft, and ComputerCraft) bolted together for survival multiplayer.
After playing it for a while, Minecraft seems like the introductory tutorial for the full game: Tekkit.

Grab the Technic Launcher from and select Tekkit from the top-left drop-down list, and the launcher will automatically download the needed mods when you hit login.

If you are new to Tekkit, but have played Minecraft, and want to join in, I suggest watching the series Tekkit with Duncan on YouTube.

MITS hosts a Tekkit server for its members (Murdoch IT students and alumni) with the following features:

Bukkit plugins:

Disabled blocks/items:
  • All Power Rings (Equivalent Exchange 2)
  • All Power Stones (excluding the Philosopher's Stone) (Equivalent Exchange 2)
  • All Dark Matter items, tools, armour, and Mk2 Collectors/Relays (Equivalent Exchange 2)
  • All Red Matter items, tools, armour, and Mk3 Collectors/Relays (Equivalent Exchange 2)
  • All Klein Stars (Equivalent Exchange 2)
  • All Alchemical Coal/Mobius Fuel/Aeternalis Fuel related destructive items (Equivalent Exchange 2)
  • Transmutation Tablet (it's buggy as hell) (Equivalent Exchange 2)
  • thus, Equivalent Exchange items that are available: Covalence Dusts, Divining Rods, Talisman Of Repair, Alchemical Chest, Alchemy Bag, Philosopher's Stone, Interdiction Torch, Energy Condenser, Energy Collector Mk1 (only), Antimatter Relay Mk1 (only)
  • Oil Fabricator (Power Converters) (unlimited Fuel causes lazyness)
  • World Anchor (Railcraft) (use Dimensional Anchors (Immibis's mods), each player can only have a maximum number)
  • Teleport Tethers (?) (See above)
  • Nukes (IndustrialCraft 2) (yeah...)

If you have any suggestions, leave a message below.

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