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MITS server & Subversion/Trac project areas

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:52 am
by Southen
Update: This is the procedure for Semester 1, 2015

Subversion and Git (with Trac optional) project spaces are once again available for IT unit student projects at

To request a project space:
  1. Each student must create an account here - nicknames/handles are preferred over full names.
    • Currently we have no e-mail address (ITS haven't gotten back to me) to send mail from, so you get no notification when I confirm/activate your new account.
    • We gave up waiting for ITS, the Guild helped us out, and e-mail confirmation is required when you register (you don't have to wait for admin approval).
  2. Send an e-mail to me (my nickname, gmail address) with those usernames and a project name.
  3. Use the fancy new AJAXish form available at
    • Games Tech students tend to re-use the same "team name" and work with the same people, but Subversion/Git/Trac is less confusing without dozens of tickets from different projects and previous semesters, so it is recommended to request a separate project space per unit.
  4. Wait for a confirmation e-mail from me (average turn around time is 0-2 days).
  5. Log in using the same username and passwords as the forums to<project>/ and checkout from<project>/ or clone from<project/.

A simple web form is being made (along with our website) to make has been made to make requesting projects simple and semi-automated.

Project space access is restricted to only those users you request - anonymous access is completely denied - unlike most free version control hosting providers found on the internet. If your project supervisor wants access to follow your progress, etc. they will need an account as above (I can manually make their access read-only if desired).

If you had a project hosted on in a previous semester (on the old system) and want restored access to that project's source code repository (via the new system), e-mail me your old project name and old username(s) which were generally in the form firstname_lastname (you will need to create account(s) using the new system as above).

Re: MITS server & Subversion project areas

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:40 pm
by Southen
Trac 1.0 is now available for hosted projects... It took a while to work out how to prevent mass code plagiarism and enable all the useful features...
You may now ask for it to be added to existing projects or request it with new ones.

Differences/upgrades from the previous system:
  • If you place a PNG image at "/logo.png" in the root of your Subversion or Git repository it will show up in the top left corner of your Trac environment.
  • Trac Commit Ticket Updater is enabled and configured, so writing certain keywords followed by a # and a number in version control log messages/comments interacts with a corresponding Trac ticket.
    • Writing any one of addresses re references refs see creates a reference to the revision in the ticket comments, and creates a reference to the ticket in the changeset log.
    • Writing any one of close closed closes fix fixed fixes creates references and closes the ticket as "fixed".
    • Example: writing "This commit fixes #5" in your commit log will close Trac ticket 5 automatically and create a link in your Trac timeline to that ticket and a link from the ticket to that source commit#.
  • Irker notifcation is enabled for source commits, join us on our IRC channel for change notifications.
  • Adding your e-mail address under Preferences > General will probably fill your inbox with update notifications if you use the ticketing system properly... and Trac will take ~5 seconds to create/edit/update tickets, unfortunately...
  • Each Trac env has its own individual wiki for whatever kind of plans/documentation/etc. you need to collaborate on, go nuts.
  • Milestones are good for the major deliverables of your project, eg: Assignment 1, Final Project. You can set a due dates for them and assign the "task" and "enhancement" tickets they require. Configuration: Admin > Ticket System > Components.
  • Components are good for different parts of your project, eg: Game Client, Dedicated Server, Map Editor. "task" and "enhancement" tickets can be assigned to them to track what needs to be created, and "defect"s track bugs that need fixing. Configuration: Admin > Ticket System > Milestones.

Re: MITS server & Subversion/Trac project areas

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2011 3:49 am
by Southen
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